About Us

Youth Empowerment & Success (YES) Hawai‘i is a new program administered by Family Programs Hawai‘i, in partnership with EPIC ‘Ohana and the Department of Human Services. The program serves youth between the ages of 14-26 involved in the foster care system (CWS).  YES Hawai’i, a youth driven movement, provides peer support, outreach services, engagement in meaningful events and leadership activities.

About the Organization

Family Programs Hawaii is a growing vibrant social service agency providing statewide services to almost 4,000 children and families involved in the child welfare system. FPH provide services to prevent children from entering foster care, support children and families already involved in the foster care system, and assist youth transitioning out of foster care. FPH seeks to create step-by-step comprehensive programs to serve the needs of these children and strengthen families to meet their needs.

EPIC ‘Ohana provides statewide services to strengthen families, children and young adults impacted by foster care, thereby strengthening the community. EPIC is devoted to family conferencing, facilitation, training and program development, transition planning for youth leaving foster care and other services, initiatives and collaborations which improve the lives of families, children and young adults.