Mission & Values

Family Programs Hawai‘i: We strengthen youth and families through high quality prevention, support and transition services.

EPIC ‘Ohana: Families are the foundation of our community, and their well-being is inextricably linked to the health and prosperity of the community, state, and nation. EPIC works to strengthen `ohana and enhance the welfare of children and youth through transformative processes that are respectful, collaborative and solution-oriented.


Empowerment: YES Hawai‘i provides activities and supports that empower young people impacted by foster care.

Peer Power: YES Hawai‘i provides young people an opportunity to connect with and build networks of support with other young people who share similar experiences.

Success: YES Hawai‘i is dedicated to creating opportunities and connections that will help young people achieve success in their lives.

Resources: YES Hawai‘i helps young people connect with resources that help improve the quality of their lives and support them in reaching their goals.

Connectedness: YES Hawai‘i, provides youth a forum to build positive peer relationships with other foster youth and increase their safety net.